Lash Essence

1. What is Cavilla Lash Growth Treatment?
    • To achieve more prominent results. use 3 bottles of Cavilla Lash Essence continuously for a lash growth treatment.
    • Visible results can be seen on the 1st bottle. However, results tend to be accelerated on the second bottle onwards.

2.  How does it help with lash growth?
    • Cavilla Lash Essence activate dormant hair follicles, nourishes the lashes and prolongs the life cycle, It also helps to repair damaged lashes and prevent fast shedding. 


3. What results to expect?

    • Achieve longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes in 3-4 weeks
    • By applying the lash essence, it sallows your lashes to stay longer in each stage. the longer your lashes stay, the more nutrients they can absorb, 

4. How long can 1 bottle of Cavilla Lash Essence last?

    • An official expiry date will be printed on the packaging .
    • Each bottle can last about 2-3 months upon opening, depending on the usage. 

5. Can it be used on lash extensions.

    • Yes, it can be used on lash extensions as it does not contain oil tat breaks down the lash glue. However, try to avoid usage on new lash extensions for the 1st week. 
    • With constant usage, your lashes will be stronger to hold your next lash extensions better.

6. Can the Cavilla Lash Essence be applied on eyebrows too?

    • Yes, you can. Cavilla Lash Essence is suitable for both eyebrows and eyelashes. Our customers have seen great results on their eyebrows too!


7. Why can I only increase usage from the 2nd week onwards?

    • Our eye area is very sensitive as compared to the rest of our skin. Some customers  may not be used to the active ingredients that stimulates the blood circulation , etc. Thus, we will still advise light usage for a start.


8. Is it safe to use?

    • Yes, of course. The products are internationally certified by SGSand PONY. In addition, I've also tested on Skincarisma, perfectly fine. 

9. Is maintenance required after the treatment? 

    • If you think that you've  seen desired results, it's perfectly okay to stop. However, our lashes have a life cycle, they shed and grow overtime. If you would like to have a fuller lash line consistently, it's best to do maintenance. Maintenance also means that there are no gaps in between your lashes


10. Does it cause discolouration/ affect our vision?

    • You may heard of this ingredient "Bimatoprost" in lash serum that causes discolouration or affects vision. However, Cavilla Lash Essence does not contain this ingredient. You can use it with a piece of mind!

11. Why do I experience redness and tingling sensation?

    • Our eye area tends to be more sensitiveas compared to the rest of our skin. Cavilla Lash Essence stimulates blood circulation, and therefore, during the first few applications, you may experience slight redness or itchiness. It's a normal reaction and these symptoms will eventually go away within 3 days. 


12. What causes darkening around eyelids?

    • This doesn't happen to most people. If it does, its because of the active ingredients it contains. Cavilla Lash Essence promotes lash growth, however, with excessive application of serum, it can cause darkening pigments or redness due to the stimulation of blood circulation. It will disappear naturally as time passes. To minimise this situation, we advise customers on the proper usage with Cavilla lash Essence's applicator brush.