Exfoliating Bubble Mask
Exfoliating Bubble Mask
Exfoliating Bubble Mask
Exfoliating Bubble Mask
Exfoliating Bubble Mask
Exfoliating Bubble Mask
Exfoliating Bubble Mask
Exfoliating Bubble Mask
Exfoliating Bubble Mask

Exfoliating Bubble Mask

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ELLURE Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask

[ Deep cleansing exfoliating mask • Brightens complexion ]

1 box contains 5 pieces of masks


  • Gentle mask foaming formula

  • Natural plant cellulose

  • Safe for sensitive and acne prone skin

  • Rich in minerals and extremely porous

  • Absorbs grime and oil on face and removes make up residues and dirt along with dead skin cells to give the skin a smoother texture and healthy glow

  • Help to purify and detoxify skin while minimising the appearance of enlarged pores

  • Promotes cleansed, hydrated and fresh skin.

  • Produces negative ions

  • Has anti aging and anti oxidation effect — reduces free radicals

  • Anti Bacteria effect - prevents acne break out

  • Far infrared emission; enhances absorption of tomato essences on skin.

  • Brightens skin, retains skin moisture, promotes smooth and supple skin.


  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser. Use warm water to wash your face so that the pores open up. Pat your skin to dry

  2. Apply the bubble mask on your face gently. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes. You will notice more bubbles as more oxygenating takes place. 

  3. Remove mask after 10-15 minutes. Gently massage the bubble foam onto your skin to clean remaining dirt and impurities

  4. Rinse off with lukewarm water.




  • Excellent source of Vitamin C
  • Help to stimulate collagen production 
  • Help to improve dull skin and promote cellular renewal
  • The enzymes in tomatoes help to shrink large pores and brighten up your complexion
  • Contain salicylic acid — a common ingredient in acne product





  • Stronger absorption capacity
  • Natural and environment friendly, soft and breathable, comfortable fitting skin
  • Works with the tomato essence to effectively absorb dirt and impurities on skin surface
  • Help to enhance permeation of mask nutrients into skin and absorption of skin to essence, leaving the skin even toned, delicate, smooth and radiant.
  • Can penetrate deep into the skin layer, product effective “resonance” with the water molecules of skin and detoxify it, activate skin cells, promote facial micro-circulation and inject new energy into cells.